9 years of waiting is over! MÖRKHIMMEL released new album on Doomentia!

12" LP "Genium Obskurity"

  • Jacket with golden lamination and custom die-cut
  • Silkscreen printed
  • Black vinyl
  • Printed sturdy inner sleeve
  • Limited to 300 units only

"Mörk himmel means dark sky. The name is Swedish, but also Norwegian and Danish. I'm fascinated Scandinavian culture, history, landscape and especially music. I really like our name. Say "Mörkhimmel", "dark sky" and "temné nebe" in succession. What do you think sounds best?" (Slavek, singer of MÖRKHIMMEL)

Czech band MÖRKHIMMEL has existed since 2007, but the more visible and successful era of existence began in 2012 after a line-up change and the release of the album "Zloskřivec". Experienced musicians, played in bands, now we can say legends of the Czech underground (MOTHER, THEMA ELEVEN, !ÚL, SEE YOU IN HELL or TUMMO / hardcore, sludge, thrash, death or black metal), found themselves in a combination of these genres and their metallic crust quickly established not only on the Czech scene, but also abroad. In 2014, the band came out with a well-reviewed album "Ostří černé kosy zní", played at big festivals and small clubs, toured Europe, spread their dark and dirty music everywhere, and was one of the first bands in the Czech Republic to unite the previously almost antagonistic scenes - metal and hardcore. Some at MÖRKHIMMEL appreciated the raven's vocals and the metallic sound, others the hardcore disjointedness and crust dirt, and the mix of all of the above came from a split with another Czech band, THE TOWER, released in 2017.

After a few years of a slight downturn, MÖRKHIMMEL is back this year with new variations on previously presented musical themes, now spiced up with additional influences and unexpected practices. Texts remain in the Czech language and are in the times "from the cradle to the black coffin", as one of the verse, but there are no happy stories in them, it is rather an "implosion of vanity".