• FATA MORGANA _ Kremace ďábla LP
  • The last demo from the famous era of Czech black/heavy metal legendary band FATA MORGANA for the first time on vinyl. FATA MORGANA was at the peak of its career in 1992, but demo "Kremace ďábla" was released only on cassette version.  It was omen of doom and following year this band broke up. Dirty evil metal from Eastern Europe.

    Limited vinyl version is released exactly 30 years later and features 8 original tracks, massive 12-page booklet with the complete band history and many rare photos from years 1986 - 1992. Cover artwork is by renowned Australian painter Rok. "Kremace ďábla" is the fifth part of the rare Czech Demo Series, which was released on Doomentia Records in 2009 - 2010.

    • Czech Demo Series V/VI
    • Artwork by Rok
    • Limited 100 copies on purple vinyl SOLD OUT!
    • 200 copies on black vinyl
    • Incl. 12-page booklet
    • One time pressing
    • Variant:
    • Price:
    • 18 € 18 €
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    • Ronald Zieger _ UNFATHOM
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  • Doomentia Press, UNFATHOM is the joint venture of ten diverse artists, resulting in a strangely coherent book. From the figurative to the abstract to the monochromatic to the brightly surreal: their work merges into bizarre and unreal worlds. Unfathom is a 208-page hardcover art book written and edited by Ronald Zieger. Printed on Profi Matt 130 g/sqm paper. Published by Doomentia Press.

    Featuring art from: Lupe Vasconcelos, Welt, Tim Grieco, Paolo Girardi, Halsey Swain, Jonathan Hultén, Maarten Donders, Dave Patchett, Timo Ketola, Anthony Roberts.

    • 10 diverse artists
    • 208 pages
    • Printed on Profi Matt 130 g/sqm paper
    • Released in 2015
    • Price:
    • 41 €

    Doomentia Records is an underground metal label from Czech Republic. Founded in 2007.