• Ronald Zieger _ UNFATHOM
  • BOOK, 208 pages

    Doomentia Press, UNFATHOM is the joint venture of ten diverse artists, resulting in a strangely coherent book. From the figurative to the abstract to the monochromatic to the brightly surreal: their work merges into bizarre and unreal worlds. Unfathom is a 208-page hardcover art book written and edited by Ronald Zieger. Printed on Profi Matt 130 g/sqm paper. Published by Doomentia Press.

    Featuring art from: Lupe Vasconcelos, Welt, Tim Grieco, Paolo Girardi, Halsey Swain, Jonathan Hultén, Maarten Donders, Dave Patchett, Timo Ketola, Anthony Roberts.

    • 10 diverse artists
    • 208 pages
    • Printed on Profi Matt 130 g/sqm paper
    • Released in 2015
    • US distribution: Nuclear War Now, Hells Headbangers, The Ajna Offensive
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  • Ronald Zieger _ UNFATHOM
    Ronald Zieger _ UNFATHOM
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