• SCHIZOPHRENIA _ Chants of the Abyss (12" EP)
  • To say that Belgium’s SCHIZOPHRENIA took the underground by storm would be an understatement. Ever since their first EP Voices four years ago and the following insanely intense debut album in 2022, those starving youngsters have reinjected a much need sense of urgency and danger in the otherwise now quite mundane territory separating thrash from death metal. By using elements of both and adding their own twist and fury to them, hey’ve become one of the hottest bands around. They may have spent most of 2023 with over 80 shows played all over Europe and be working, as we speak, on their second full-length yet they still did find time to record a very special EP, first released digitally and on self released CD but now available as a lavish, cut at 45 RPM speed to ensure the best sound quality possible LP thanks to DOOMENTIA.

    Meant to salute their wide range of influences, Chants Of The Abyss was destined to be a quite large selection of styles. And indeed, by opening the hostilities with a raging SLAYER tune (‘Necrophiliac’), the very first cover they worked on for this tribute, before switching to death metal (MORBID ANGEL’s immortal ‘Maze Of Torment’), classic heavy-metal (JUDAS PRIEST’s ‘Metal Meltdown’) and horror punk (MISFITS’ ‘Bullet’) before paddling back to old-school thrash (EXODUS ‘Strike Of The Beast’) and concluding on a hardcore note (GBH’s ‘Race Against Time’), it goes above and beyond its duty.

    We’re not talking here of mere, carbon copy lazy covers but actual performances done with gusto, as if all those songs were theirs and freshly out of the rehearsal room. By paying homage to the godz, SCHIZOPHRENIA solidify their position as their legitimate heirs.

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