• SACRAMENTUM _ Sedes Impiorum (7" EP)
  • In the wake of their extremely well-received reunion in 2019 and the successful reissue of their cult debut album Far Away From The Sun six years earlier by Century Media, SACRAMENTUM have been since then carefully working on reissuing their whole back-catalogue so a whole new generation of fans could fully enjoy one of the Swedish melodic black/death scene best kept secret entire body of work. And thanks to DOOMENTIA, that task is now complete with the long-awaited first proper vinyl reissue of their very first recording…

    After various rereleases in cooperation with VIC RECORDS or COSMIC KEYS CREATIONS, SACRAMENTUM have closely worked with DOOMENTIA to offer the definitive version of Sedes Impiorum, maybe their most fascinating work. Back in 1992, after two years as TUMULUS where the then trio proved to be a pure product of their times with their classic Stockholm sounding form of death metal, founding members Nisse Karlén and Anders Brolycke vowed to distance themselves from this already too common sound to follow the left hand path.

    The first songs resulting from this realignment can be found on this rough recording from December 1992, done in a small studio in Falkoping, Sweden. Although traces of their former style can be found here and there, the emphasis here is on creating the most evil sounding atmosphere possible. Of course we’re still quite far away from the intricate and complex arrangements filled style that will soon be theirs but it remains overall a fascinating early document of a band still finding their feet yet already determined NOT to follow the cattle.

    Having painfully restored the original artwork for the occasion, DOOMENTIA is proud to make available again this piece of Swedish extreme metal history where everything started for SACRAMENTUM, still going strong over three decades later…

    • Black / yellow / green vinyl
    • Each version limited to 333 copies
    • 8-panel booklet
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