• MÖRGHUUL _ Domination of the Beast (12" LP)
  • The new wave of old school thrash is not over yet! There are still new bands which are obsessed by old idols and the original sound of the 80s. One of them called MÖRGHUUL, formed in Brno in 2019. After a short search for themselves and first two average records, they released the devastating demo cassette "Possessed by demo" in 2022. MÖRGHUUL have definitely set the direction on this record they are heading in. Take the aggression of early Kreator and combine it with the influences of bands like Deathhammer, Nocturnal, Nifelheim or Desaster. You get uncompromising blackthrashing speed metal for all old school maniacs!
    This unique band, for the Czech metal scene, now comes with their debut album "Domination of the Beast" and has joined forces with Doomentia Records, label that has discovered many great bands for the metal world in the past. These youngsters have a future ahead of them and "Domination of the Beast" could open the door to the great European underground scene. The new album will be released on classic black vinyl and also on cassettes. Author of the blasphemous artwork is painter Tomáš Mitura (Sněť, Vole, etc.). MÖRGHUUL will take you back to the times when metal knew no genres and bands competed which one would be harder and play faster. A rigorous and dirty mix of black/thrash/speed/punk that will rip your head off at the first listen!
    • 300 copies on 12" black vinyl
    • Artwork by Tomáš Mitura
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