• LUDGAR _ Molochian Rites (MC, PRE-ORDER)
  • Before you ask, LUDGAR is originally an abbreviated word for Loup de guerre (‘war wolf’), describing what was one of the largest trebuchet, or catapult if you will, used in medieval times. We’re basically talking here about one giant destructive force used to crush opponents and villages alike and it’s quite a fitting analogy for what LUDGAR the band stands for.

    Formed in 2024 in a dungeon in Linz, Austria by DEATH RACER and CHAINBREÄKER guitar player (here on bass) S. Bruckner and VENATOR drummer J. Steidl along L. Höller on vocals and S. Bolda on guitar, this new outfit is deeply entrenched in the 80s yet refuses to label their music as “everyone brought on the table their own influences.” One thing was made clear though: the result had to be rough and brutal. And their first demo Molochian Rites is, indeed, rough-as-fuck.

    As soon as you’re confronted to such raw deliveries of songs like ‘Under Full Moon’s Light’ or ‘Black Torture’ – preceded by one creepy introduction performed on a church organ! – you know you’re treading on pure METAL, yes in capital letters – territory. Unfiltered, raw, explosive. Parallels will probably be made with early DESASTER, WITCHING HOUR or a blacker version of HELISH CROSSFIRE but the truth is LUDGAR does roar from a deeper and more malevolent pit, or should we say dungeon, where all light is shun.

    • BONE colour limited to 100 units
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    • Release and shipping date: 26th July 2024
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