• HORN OF THE RHINO _ Weight of Coronation
  • Javier Gálvez about this release: I have to confess I remember little about 2009 but what I do remember is being somehow buried in tons of crushing riffs and words, since I was writing the eight songs that we were about to record just a few months later for our third album. It was a conscious decision to make this time around a huge and monolithic record, a real departure from the speed and almost progressive nature of our previous album, the last to be released as Rhino two years prior, Dead Throne Monarch. A simpler approach it may be but it also was deadlier and more powerful for sure. And it was different! Since we had never worked with Xanpe before, we went there to record a demo of the forthcoming opening song of the album “Speaking In Tongues” in his Koba studio to test the waters and the result was amazing. Needless to say that a bond was made on the spot and since then, we’ve returned several times there. I’m glad (and surprised too) that thirteen years after it was recorded, people still talk about WOC in such a high regard. We made that album for ourselves, as the other four in our discography. We never had a plan nor any support from anyone but we crushed everything on our path anyways. Once we were done with this record, we immediately started working on the next one, as we always did. The iconic painting of the pregnant, undead bitch, the new guitar set up we used in the studio for the first time without trying it out first in the rehearsal room due to lack of time, the support from Doomentia, the last minute alteration of our moniker for stupid copyright reasons… Those are just some details we wanted to share with all those people who supported us along the way, people we wanted to thank with this definitive edition. PLAY IT LOUD!!!
    • ULTIMATE BOX SET: Colored 2LP + CD
    • Limited to 300 copies only
    • 8-page booklet with exclusive live photos
    • Metallic insert and lyrics sheet
    • Artwork by Rafa Garrés
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