• So you think you’re metal aren’t you? Maybe so. But Katon W. De Pena is METAL incarnated. The man may have turned sixty last September but he’s more than ever ready to break necks and crush bones with the mighty HIRAX.

    Ahead of their long-awaited new studio full-length album (their first in a decade!), upcoming European summer tour and armed with a young, exuberant and hungry line-up, Pena has teamed up with DOOMENTIA to offer a glimpse of their upcoming thrash inferno with this new four-tracks EP, featuring versions of four songs from said upcoming album exclusively mixed for this release-only by Bill Metoyer, the legendary ARMORED SAINT/SLAYER/D.R.I. producer who’s been collaborating with HIRAX ever since their debut full-length Raging Violence back in 1985.

    And whoever would be tempted to think that with age comes peace with mind should get ready to be annihilated by this EP opening salvo alone, ‘Drill Into The Brain’, aka sixty-three seconds of the most intense-as-fuck crossover/thrash you’ll hear this year!

    • Two colored versions each strictly limited to 250 copies
    • First 4 tracks from upcoming full-length album
    • Exclusively mixed by legendary producer Bill Metoyer
    • Housed in a noble gatefold w/glossy lamination
    • Artwork by Thomas Pinheiro
    • Includes HIRAX / EXUMER tour 2024 poster
    • Release and shipping date: 1st August 2024
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