• HELLISH CROSSFIRE _ Unholy Tyranny (12" PLP)
  • HELLISH CROSSFIRE has always been more than ‘just’ a band. Think of them as a gathering of like-minded maniacs, driven by their endless passion for 80’s metal and bands like KREATOR, BATHORY, VENOM and so on. Those Germans may have not been very prolific over the years but every single release of theirs, especially their two, pedal-to-the-max albums from 2006 and 2010, all had that special spark, the blazing fire burning inside only true dedicated warriors could provide. A true band of brothers, united ‘til the very end, even when one of them alas falls by the wayside…

    In 2022, HELLISH CROSSFIRE four-stringer and founding member Sigi (aka ‘Sick’) passed away, leaving the black/thrash scene stunned and in disarray. After few months away from the public eye licking their collective wounds, not only has the band vowed to carry on but they’ve also decided to celebrate their fallen brother memory with a very special event. On December 1st and 2nd 2023, a festival, dubbed ‘Nights Of The Possessed’ and featuring bands like OLD, WITCHING HOUR, FATAL EMBRACE or DESASTER will be held in Hirschaid, Bavaria to pay homage to Sick.

    In order to make this day even more special, in cooperation with DOOMENTIA, HELLISH CROSSFIRE have agreed to reissue for the very first time on vinyl their first official rehearsal tape from 2004, Unholy Tyranny plus the hardly distributed Demo II recorded the following year under the same conditions. Featuring a mix of later rerecorded songs for their debut Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram plus unreleased tracks, incl. a raging cover of the KAT classic ‘Metal And Hell’. Needless to say those versions are raw-as-fuck and not for the faint of heart but for the true metal fans!

    500 copies on picture LP, with two different versions each with a different picture of Sick on the B-side. Also included is an updated version of the Unholy Tyranny cover artwork originally created by Rok from SADISTIK EXEKUTION. Hail 80’s metal, hail HELLISH CROSSFIRE and Rest In Power Sick!

    • Picture 12" LP
    • "Pleasure to kill" version limited to 250 copies
    • "Persecution mania" version limited to 250 copies
    • Circular die-cut jacket
    • A4 insert sheet
    • Exclusive artwork by Rok
    • Release and shipping date 4th December
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