• GERM BOMB _ Monochrome Nightmare (12" LP)
  • GERM BOMB and DOOMENTIA go way back, starting with the vinyl version of their second album, Sound Of Horns back in 2013, with Under A Fading Sun following two years ago. While Gist Sucked Out was put out udring the label hiatus, both parties are more than happy to renew their partnership with its successor, Monochrome Nightmare

    Still led by the founding pair of Hempus Kuylenstierna (guitar, vocals, bass and organ) and Pierre Ohlsson (drums, vocals) Recorded in their hometown of Gothenburg at the Kust studio in between September 2022 and January 2023, album number five is one strange beast, both faithful to their D-beat/crossover roots with songs like ‘Narcissist’ while at the same treading on new, more rock n’roll ground but with an almost degenerate twist, such as on the opener ‘Nailed To The Cross’ or the post-punk pomp of ‘Sot’. Actually, the more you dive into the album, the more idiosyncratic it gets. Refusing to be pigeonholed yet with nevertheless his foot firmly on the pedal, the Swedish duo in their and self-proclaimed kings of ‘apocalyptic rock n’roll’ now in their fifteenth year of existence sounds more than ever like no-one else, even that means successfully inserting a French horn (!) into the mix like they did on ‘The Wolf’.

    DOOMENTIA has always been about supporting those who dare thinking out of the box. And no matter how punk they are, GERM BOMB most definitively fit the bill more than ever with Monochrome Nightmare!

    • limited to 300 copies
    • black vinyl
    • sturdy cardboard 350gsm
    • matte resistant lamination
    • released in cooperation with Insane Society records
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