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    • Chasms is far more than just BRUTALLY DECEASED’s new album. It’s a statement.
      Despite their adoration of the 90s HM-2 Swedish buzzsaw aesthetic, as perfected by DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and performed by the band on the debut album Dead Lovers' Guide, these guys never aimed to be a mere OSDM revival. This dedication has led to an increasing incorporation of styles that form the backbone of their musical heritage - technically challenging yet savage US death metal like IMMOLATION, HATE ETERNAL or ANGELCORPSE, and relentless black metal undertones from the ongoing depths of the contemporary darkest underground, the latter one being fully unleashed in the members' sophisticated black metal outfit SOMNIATE.
      These influences, though latent, were already present even on the infamous Satanic Corpse album, and their escalation on the split album with EMBRIONAL hinted at what was to come. With Chasms, those subterranean currents have surfaced with full force.
      Building on their good old chainsaw guitar sound platform yet enhancing the production with a more refined approach to make the seething notes actually audible and clear, Chasms sees BRUTALLY DECEASED upping the game in terms of technicality and brutality, without sacrificing the melody and well-thought song structures. Featuring the most intricate guitar patterns of their career, their fourth proper album is a beast of unparalleled ferocity, grasping the listener with a vice-like grip, cutting them with the most vicious, all-cleaving edge - from the punishing opener riff ride Deus Mundi with complex solo work to the final blackened death metal monument, Black Chalice.
      Recorded last fall at Davos Studio in Vyškov, CZ, where they have laid down tracks for all their past albums, one could say that this 28-minute onslaught is BRUTALLY DECEASED version 2.0. Fresh, uncompromising, challenging and, damn, freaking brutal.
      • 6 panel digipack w/glossy lamination
      • 12pgs booklet
      • artwork by Maciej Kamuda
      • limited to 500 copies
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      • 12 €
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      • MASSACRE _ Tri-pocalypse (CD DIGIPACK)
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    • It’s not that often that you get the chance to work with a true legend, even more so for a special release. Hence DOOMENTIA pride to announce the upcoming release of a very special EP for the legendary death metal act MASSACRE in two different formats with exclusive content and tracklisting.

      Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last thirty years or so, MASSACRE should need no introduction. Not only have the Orlando-based band helped build the very foundations death metal was built upon in the late 80’s, not only have they put out one of the genre best debut ever with From Beyond but ever since Kam Lee has rightfully regained control and firmly put his hands on the steering wheel with 2021 massive Resurgence album, they’ve decided to play the game according to their rules.

      Besides working with a rotating line-up of musicians (incl. Jonny Pettersson from WOMBBATH and Rogga from PAGANIZER among others) according to the situation, either be it in the studio or live, they’ve chosen to carefully put out on a regular basis high-quality and limited EPs instead of the regular album/touring cycle. Tri-pocalypse is once ready to set the bar even higher.

      A well-known huge horror movie fan, Lee has decided to pay tribute to the three apocalyptic films by director John Carpenter, namely ‘The Thing’, ‘Prince Of Darkness’ and ‘In The Mouth Of Madness’ which all served as a direct aesthetic and lyrical source of inspiration, especially since all three were themselves hugely influenced by Howard Philips Lovecraft writings, one of MASSACRE favourite lyrical theme. The outro (‘Escape From The End Of The World’) was specifically created for this EP by composer Rob Reider, in the style of Carpenter original soundtracks.

      Says Lee: “I’m excited for fans to get a hold of this new EP in physical format, because that’s the true way it’s meant for it to be represented. Both versions are awesome and I encourage everyone to try and get both the vinyl and CD copies. It’s a must for the collectors and completionist. The music style still resonates an old school death metal sound veering only slightly from its early roots and continues to combine a mixture of the classic Florida death metal style with a contemporary Swedish death metal sound. 

      Compared to the vinyl, the CD version has two exclusive remixed and rerecorded versions of ‘They Never Die’ and ‘Beyond The Dunwich Hills’, two songs originally included on a supra-limited self-produced CD last year. If the first one is an homage to the vampriric mythology, the second one is directly inspired by the tabletop RPG series Arkham Horror and is a kind of sequel to the song ‘The Dunwich Horror’ from 2022 EP Mythos.

      • Two bonus tracks
      • Miniposter sheet with lyrics
      • Limited to 500 copies
      • Four-panel digipack
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      • 12 €
      • EXORCIZPHOBIA _ Spiritual Exodus (CD)
    • Exorcizphobia is back with new LP! The album is titled “Spiritual Exodus“ and in many ways continues where its predecessor “Digitotality“ from 2020 ends. Through the themes as reincarnation (Reflections, Ring-Pass-Not or Through a Glass Darkly, which is musicalized poem of general George S. Patton), altered states of consciousness (Initiation) or alternative points of view on our reality (Down The Rabbit Hole, Those Who Oppose), finding itself in the atmosphere of combining the ancient and current. The aesthetics of this aproach is even audible. Old school fashioned thrash metal is combined with modern and distinctive touch. The whole record concludes in seven plus minutes long instrumental called “Tiwanaku“ which links the music with fantastic artwork made by Paolo Girardi. “Spiritual Exodus“ will be out through DOOMENTIA RECORDS on LP (black, color gatefold), CD and MC. 

      “Spiritual Exodus“ will be out through DOOMENTIA RECORDS on vinyl (black, color gatefold), CD and MC. Release date of the physical formats is September 22. Album will be out on all digital platforms on September 25, except bandcamp (6th of October – bandcamp Friday).

      • CD jewel case
      • 12-page booklet
      • Artwork by Paolo Girardi
      • Price:
      • 12 €
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      • ALTARAGE _ Worst Case Scenario (CD)
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    • Four months after the super-limited and already sold-out Cataract EP, ALTARAGE strike back with their sixth full-length, and first for DOOMENTIA since 2016’s Nihl.

      Those hooded musicians’ taste for thick and noisy layering is quite notorious and indeed, the guitars alone here are not just drowned in tar but are actually bathing in it in delight. Yet somehow for this quite concise album things are taking a slightly different turn here, the mysterious trio has somehow decided to stray away a bit from their usual path in order to achieve something even more unsettling and bizarre, yet as crushing.

      If Worst Case Scenario eight tracks – including the song ‘Cataract’ already included on the EP of the same name yet here with a different mix – are once again some of the heaviest and noisiest bastard sons of the (un)holy trinity of black, death-metal and harsh noise you’ll ever hear this year, a new sense of clarity can felt through some of them. Far from away from the standard ‘metal’ production values and more akin to, say, a strung-out noise-rock band desperately looking for their next fix, instead of lessening their impact, this sonic revaluation maximizes it even more.

      Yet at the same time, with songs for example like ‘The Rigid Subject’ or ’Exhaust’, ALTARAGE never sounded so chaotic and so on the verge of imploding, super-nova style. Proving once and for all that no other band sounds or even dares going as far as into the abyss as they do… Behold, Worst Case Scenario could well be your worst nightmare.

      • Full-lenght album on CD
      • Jewel case
      • 12 pages booklet
      • Price:
      • 12 €
      • BRUTALLY DECEASED / EMBRIONAL _ Scornful Death Trail
    • CD split of leading death metal bands from Czech Republic and Poland. 

      HM-2 pedal in full splendour? Check. Relentless downtuned riffage? Check. Death fucking metal the Swedish way from the Czech Republic? Check indeed! More 3 songs by BRUTALLY DECEASED from Prague on this record.

      This is killer death metal. There is a glorious mix of old school, technical and progressive stuff going on that gives a musically diverse experience filled with intensity and dissonance. 3 deadly tracks by Polish EMBRIONAL.

      • Artwork by Rafał Wechterowicz
      • Split CD
      • Released in 2019
      • Price:
      • 10 €
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