• Chasms is far more than just BRUTALLY DECEASED’s new album. It’s a statement.
    Despite their adoration of the 90s HM-2 Swedish buzzsaw aesthetic, as perfected by DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and performed by the band on the debut album Dead Lovers' Guide, these guys never aimed to be a mere OSDM revival. This dedication has led to an increasing incorporation of styles that form the backbone of their musical heritage - technically challenging yet savage US death metal like IMMOLATION, HATE ETERNAL or ANGELCORPSE, and relentless black metal undertones from the ongoing depths of the contemporary darkest underground, the latter one being fully unleashed in the members' sophisticated black metal outfit SOMNIATE.
    These influences, though latent, were already present even on the infamous Satanic Corpse album, and their escalation on the split album with EMBRIONAL hinted at what was to come. With Chasms, those subterranean currents have surfaced with full force.
    Building on their good old chainsaw guitar sound platform yet enhancing the production with a more refined approach to make the seething notes actually audible and clear, Chasms sees BRUTALLY DECEASED upping the game in terms of technicality and brutality, without sacrificing the melody and well-thought song structures. Featuring the most intricate guitar patterns of their career, their fourth proper album is a beast of unparalleled ferocity, grasping the listener with a vice-like grip, cutting them with the most vicious, all-cleaving edge - from the punishing opener riff ride Deus Mundi with complex solo work to the final blackened death metal monument, Black Chalice.
    Recorded last fall at Davos Studio in Vyškov, CZ, where they have laid down tracks for all their past albums, one could say that this 28-minute onslaught is BRUTALLY DECEASED version 2.0. Fresh, uncompromising, challenging and, damn, freaking brutal.
    • 6 panel digipack w/glossy lamination
    • 12pgs booklet
    • artwork by Maciej Kamuda
    • limited to 500 copies
    • release and shipping date: 19th June 2024
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