• BITTERDUSK _ Guardián Del Valle (12"LP)
  • Chile has become synonymous so much with high-quality and arcane sounding death and black metal that on the other hand, it tends to overshadow the rest of the metal scene, still one of the most vibrant and interesting of the southern hemisphere. BITTERDUSK are a perfect case of a band lost in the flow so to speak, even if they’ve been around in a way or another for over twenty five years.

    Truth be told, they haven’t seemingly been that active during that quarter of a century. Or so it seems as they have nevertheless managed in between 2002 and 2017 to put out, either self-released either through small local labels, three high-quality albums which sadly flew totally under the radar for whoever lived outside of their country. Others would have given up or feel happy just playing the same local clubs to the same local crowd. But not BITTERDUSK.

    The boys rolled up their sleeves, took matter in their own hands, started opening for big international acts in Chile but also gigging abroad, including Europe, while working on what is probably their magnum opus, Guardián del Valle

    Entirely sung in Spanish, rooted both in antique doom such as CANDLEMASS and BLACK SABBATH but also classic rock, this beautifully produced set has a class on its own, alternating instant hooks (see the super-catchy guitar lick of ‘Ojos de la Montaña’ for proof) with heavy-as-fuck parts, with everything adorned with that delicate and typically south-American sensibility, taking the listeners… Somewhere else. Somewhere in one of those luxuriant and grandiose valley Chile is now known for, where Nature roars free out in the open. Just like BITTERDUSK. 

    For the first time ever, one of their albums is being released in Europe and given the usual high-quality DOOMENTIA treatment so here’s the chance to climb that mountain and see the sun a little bit closer.

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