• BARBARIAN _ A Kiss or a Whisper (7" EP)
  • BARBARIAN never did hide the fact their biggest influence has always been and always will be CELTIC FROST. Hell, early material like their self-titled debut (and first cooperation with DOOMENTIA) back in 2011 was all about celebrating Tom G. Warrior genius one could say. But eager not to become just another addition to an already long list of ‘official clones’ the Italians soon spread their wings and soared musically. Yet they never truly forgot with the initial spark came from and now, entering their fifteenth year as an active band, it does make sense in a way to see them – even if for a brief moment – go full circle and back to where it all started. 

    In a way, this new EP is a tribute to both one of the most important metal band of the 80’s but also to their ourselves and their stubbornness, how back in the late 00’s having three misfits sporting spikes, bullet belts and striking warrior poses while screaming out a collective ‘ugh!’ was maybe the least cool thing one could have done. But instead of going down the easy road – come on, who needs a 78th cover version of ‘Into The Crypt Of Rays’? – they choose to pay homage to a least frequently visited alley of the FROST canon, their 1990 return-to-form album Vanity/Nemesis by picking up ‘A Kiss Or A Whisper’ and going as far as more or less reproducing the album iconic fragmented cover for this EP. 

    That cover was originally included on the TIME TO KILL RECORDS tribute CD album Mesmerized – A Tribute To Celtic Frost released last January along covers by other fellow Frostian acolytes such as DOOMRAISER, NECRODEATH or BÜNKER 66. 

    On the B-side, you’ll find a brand new version of ‘Rain Of Fire’ especially recorded for the occasion and whose original version is to be found on BARBARIAN self-titled debut, a very good representation of their core sound, where FROST, early speed metal and punk are all cracking the whip in unison. 

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