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      • SACRAMENTUM _ Sedes Impiorum (7" EP, PRE-ORDER)
    • In the wake of their extremely well-received reunion in 2019 and the successful reissue of their cult debut album Far Away From The Sun six years earlier by Century Media, SACRAMENTUM have been since then carefully working on reissuing their whole back-catalogue so a whole new generation of fans could fully enjoy one of the Swedish melodic black/death scene best kept secret entire body of work. And thanks to DOOMENTIA, that task is now complete with the long-awaited first proper vinyl reissue of their very first recording…

      After various rereleases in cooperation with VIC RECORDS or COSMIC KEYS CREATIONS, SACRAMENTUM have closely worked with DOOMENTIA to offer the definitive version of Sedes Impiorum, maybe their most fascinating work. Back in 1992, after two years as TUMULUS where the then trio proved to be a pure product of their times with their classic Stockholm sounding form of death metal, founding members Nisse Karlén and Anders Brolycke vowed to distance themselves from this already too common sound to follow the left hand path.

      The first songs resulting from this realignment can be found on this rough recording from December 1992, done in a small studio in Falkoping, Sweden. Although traces of their former style can be found here and there, the emphasis here is on creating the most evil sounding atmosphere possible. Of course we’re still quite far away from the intricate and complex arrangements filled style that will soon be theirs but it remains overall a fascinating early document of a band still finding their feet yet already determined NOT to follow the cattle.

      Having painfully restored the original artwork for the occasion, DOOMENTIA is proud to make available again this piece of Swedish extreme metal history where everything started for SACRAMENTUM, still going strong over three decades later…

      • Black / yellow / green vinyl
      • Each version limited to 333 copies
      • 8-panel booklet
      • Release date: late January
      • Variant:
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      • 12 € 12 € 12 € 12 €
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      • CONVULSE _ Resuscitation of Evilness (7" EP, PRE-ORDER)
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    • FUNEBRE’s Cranial Torment, ABHORRENCE’s Vulgar Necrolatry, DEMIGOD’s Unholy Domain and CONVULSE’s Resuscitation Of Evilness. Those is the very foundation, all committed to tape in small local studios with clueless sound engineers and shoestring budgets, the whole Finnish death-metal movement was built upon, the latter getting the DOOMENTIA treatment it truly deserves.

      CONVULSE only proper demo was recorded in between November 21st and 23rd 1990 by Jani Vitanen, who would two decades later make a name for himself by collaborating with Finland’s number one weirdos CIRCLE on multiple albums. It just didn’t stand the test of time but remains, to this day, one of the country best death metal demo ever. Contrary to their peers, who often had a vision but always the means to fully turn it into a reality, the band was simply a step above the rest, the four tracks included there already showcasing some impressive musicianship and strong personality.

      If back in 1988 things got kickstarted in a more speed/thrash metal vein as S.D.S., two years later this quartet based in Nokia had fully embrace the death metal aesthetics while putting their own stamp on it with a peculiar sense of gloom. You can still feel their thrash roots yet the above-average solo work and bizarre and morbid sense of melody were already quite unique.

      While the version included as a bonus on the 2018 SVART reissue of their debut album was remastered, this one is the real thing, taken from the original reels. Besides faithfully the original jacket of the tape version, this reissue will be available with jackets in two different colours. So here’s once again our chance to grab a piece of Finnish death metal history!

      • Black and red vinyl
      • Limited to 250 copies each version
      • 4-pages insert
      • Taken from original reels
      • Release date: late January
      • Variant:
      • Price:
      • 12 € 12 € 12 €
      • NIHILIST _ Live at Björksätragården ´89 (7" EP, PRE-ORDER)
    • Very few bands have left such an impact on extreme metal with so little material than NIHILIST. They existed for a little less than two years and during that period, they managed to record overall only eight songs, spread over three roughly-made-no-budget demos. They were kids too – guitar player Alex Hellid for instance was fifteen when they did their debut demo, Premature Autopsy…

      NIHILIST also did a bunch of shows. But most of them were done in squats or youth centre with barely a PA system you could speak of and to a handful of people only, most of them close friends and allies ready to start off their own too. Luckily, one of those gigs were immortalized by one of those lucky attendees, resulting in the first EVER official NIHILIST live EP, a quarter of a century later.

      Warning: we’re talking about a rough-as-fuck document here, captured on the spot with a small recording device held right in the middle of the pit, with slammers flying left and right, bootleg-quality. But do not underestimate this EP gigantic historical importance.

      This was recorded in Björksätragården in Bredäng nearby Stockholm on April 7th 1989, just weeks before the band would enter the Sunlight studio to commit to tape their final recording as NIHILIST the Drowned demo, with TREBLINKA (pre-TIAMAT) and DISMEMBER also on the bill. Included are ‘Supposed To Rot’, ‘Morbid Devourment’, ‘When Life Has Ceased’ and ‘Revel In Flesh’, four out of the nine tracks performed that evening. The choice has been made not to cut out some of the in-between songs banters, to stay in that moment. But what will probably come as a surprise to some is how BRUTAL the band already sounded back there, as they were about to be reborn as ENTOMBED and basically write death-metal history.

      Besides a faithful reproduction of the gig poster, an original drawing by the band’s de facto leader and mastermind Nicke Andersson, to make the whole thing even more special, an unpublished, two pages interview done with actually Nicke for GRINDER ‘zine done in the mid-00’s, is included as an insert.

      • Black vinyl
      • Limited to 300 copies
      • A3 poster double-sided poster
      • Release date: late January
      • Price:
      • 12 €
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    • As once again proven by their recent fourth album out on INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS, MALOKARPATAN is truly a band out of time with their unique mixture of heavy, black metal and medieval elements, deeply rooted in their native country cultural history. Nos less ‘weird’, in the sense they too refuse to be tagged or lumped into a specific category, NECROMANTE has also been following their own and as strange path for the last fifteen years or so, honouring not just their Brazilian elder brothers such as MYSTIFIER but the more occult-drive, atmospheric and primitive side of the early 90’s European scene as incarnated by MORTUARY DRAPE or SAMAEL ‘Into The Pentagram’-era.

      In a way, both acts were bound to forge an alliance at some point. Thanks to DOOMENTIA, this dream has now become a reality with this very special split EP, featuring two exclusive tracks. If MALOKAPARTAN’s own ‘Daemon Zlatavych Noci’ is a slow-paced and gloomy piece dedicated to two cult acts from the late 80’s Czech proto-black metal scene TÖRR and MORIORR, NECROMANTE’s ‘Magickal Black Moon’ is the very first song recorded by the band now extended and international line-up, showcasing a rougher yet as bewitching style.

      True to high standards set up by the label since its very inception, DOOMENTIA has once again pulled all the stops and came up with two, different and highly collectable artworks, each dedicated to one of the two bands included, plus a lyrics sheet and a classy gatefold cover. Forces of darkness unite!

      • Limited to 2 x 250 copies
      • Black 7" vinyl
      • Gatefold cover
      • Two versions of packaging
      • Lyrics sheet
      • Variant:
      • Price:
      • 12 € 12 € 12 €
    • Having reestablished their fruitful collaboration since last spring, DISMA and DOOMENTIA are proud to offer to the fans a new addition to their series of long-overdue of reissues of the whole band back-catalogue. Among them all,The Graveless Remains holds a very special place: originally released back in 2017 in one-extremely limited edition of 600 copies on vinyl only, this was one DISMA first new recording in six years, first without ex members Daryl Kahan and Shawn Eldridge. Now introducing IMMOLATION/GOREPHOBIA stickman Craig Smilowski. In the meantime, the extreme metal scene had once again going through some drastic changes and one could have thought that due to their absence, DISMA wasn’t the towering force to be reckoned with when they delivered Towards The Megalith in 2011. How wrong were they…

      Clocking at 14 minutes and featuring two exclusive songs, The Graveless Remains is DISMA at their meanest, most victim and overall brutal best. On side A, the title-track is probably one of their fastest and most to-the-point track ever whereas on the flipside, the nearly 8 minutes long ‘Sempiternal Deformity’ almost painfully drags the listener into the mud while beating him to death with the kind of slow and downtuned dirge only DISMA could come up, propelled by former INCANTATION frontman Craig Pillard's uncanny guttural grunt.

      Determined not to let this brilliant EP vanished in obscurity and EBAY scammers take advantage of the band’s faithful fans, DOOMENTIA has decided to rerelease it as seven inch, with a gatefold cover, a brand-new and as bleak artwork by Dan “Sawblade” Shaw and a poster.

      • 100 copies colored (sold-out)
      • 400 copies black
      • Artwork by Sawblade
      • Gatefold cover
      • A3+ poster printed on 140gsm offset stock
      • Variant:
      • Price:
      • 12 € 12 €
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      • STALLION / AMBUSH _ Heavy Metal Thunder Sessions #1
      • 1 of 3
    • As we were about to announce the launch of this very special series of soon-to-be-highly-collectable split EP, we were thinking about boosting how the heavy metal genre has been going through some kind of fascinating and enthralling revival over the last years… Until we realized our mistake: heavy metal never went away. Ever. Yes, it might at some point going back underground where it started in the first place but call it ‘true metal’, ‘epic metal’, ‘new wave of traditional heavy metal’ or whatnot, the fact is that ever since the bell rang on a rain-soaked bleak landscapes at the very beginning of Black Sabbath very first album in 1970, heavy metal just kept on growing and growing.
      So this series is less about resurgence than it is about resistance and a burning passion that simply refuses to let go. It’s also about supporting the bands who strive for heavy metal excellence and the whole scene they’ve built with their bare hands, quite often in pure DIY fashion. Each band will provide exclusive content, such as demo tracks, alternate mixes or covers and each entry will feature the same generic layout, giving this whole collectible series a sense of unity.
      The first entry will feature Germany’s STALLION and Sweden’s AMBUSH, with a hole slab of renowned bands from all around the world having already agreed to take part in this celebration of everything we love about heavy metal. So up the irons!!!!!
      Tracklist: Stallion - "Canadian Steele" + "Give it to me" (demo 2013), Ambush - "Lust for Blood" (alternate mix).
      • First release of the collectable series Heavy Metal Thunder Sessions
      • Exclusive tracks, black vinyl
      • Limited to 500 units worldwide
      • Price:
      • 10 €