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      • CULT OF FIRE _ Om Kali Maha Kali (12" SHAPED PICTURE LP BOX)
    • Both CULT OF FIRE and DOOMENTIA have had a long appreciation for each other’s works for a long time so it was only a matter of time before the two get to collaborate together on a project. It finally came together earlier this year with the release of the special one-side EP Píseň černých Vran. And special indeed this was. Not only was it a vibrant tribute to their fallen brother from MANIAC BUTCHER but its deluxe and extremely elaborate packaging instantly set out new standards as well. But those standards are about to be obliterated by CULT OF FIRE themselves with the official release on the 12” shaped picture LP format of their brand new single, the mesmerizing Om Kali Maha Kali.

      Having been the main them behind their second album from 2013, the Hindu goddess Kali makes here a welcome return thanks to some of the most majestic music the mysterious Czechoslovakia trio has ever unleashed. Fourteen minutes through two long and epic songs of pure melodic black metal bliss, permeated with Easter flavors and that unmistakably typical CoF aura, miles above the current average mediocrity of the scene and nearer than ever to the stars. But it’s truly the actual packaging of this band-new recording that will stand out as one-of-a-kind with one mantra on each side, a fantastic and detailed depiction of Kali herself on the cover and a very specially shaped picture disc.

      One very important major statement of intent for both CULT OF FIRE and DOOMENTIA and already 2023 most ambitious EP, without a doubt. Behold!

      • Collectors Edition
      • Limited to 500 units worldwide
      • Custom shaped 12” picture EP
      • Cut at 45 rpm for maximum sound quality
      • Housed in a magnetic box with foam
      • Wrapped by printed custom made shiny sateen cloth
      • Inner coat displaying an ancient engraving of goddess Durga
      • Special lid covered by foam protecting the record
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      • 63 €
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      • CULT OF FIRE _ Píseň černých vran
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    • From one master to another…MANIAC BUTCHER shouldn’t need any introduction: as one of the former eastern bloc premiere black metal band, they pioneered the kind of blasphemous and brutal yet instantly recognizable sound that till resonates within today’ scene. Former drummer-turned-guitar-player Vlad Blasphemer proved to be very instrumental in this crowning achievement and his tragic and sudden death on August 4th 2015 instantly put an end the band.
      Gone but not forgotten… On the sixth anniversary of Vlad’s passing through the other side, Prague’s revered horde CULT OF FIRE recorded a cover of MANIAC BUTCHER’s “Píseň černých Vran”, originally included on the band’s third album from 1997, Krvestreb. Impressed by the result, a full blast of late 90’s black metal majesty, DOOMENTIA stepped in to offer to release it on a very special one-sided 7 inch, featuring all the lyrics and one of Mark Riddick’s most elaborate and stunning artwork ever. Hail death, hail Vlad Blasphemer!!!
      • One-sided 7" EP with etching on the B-SIDE
      • One time pressing of 500 copies only - no represses
      • Exclusive artwork and typography by Mark Riddick
      • Price:
      • 13 €
      • HORN OF THE RHINO _ Weight of Coronation
    • Javier Gálvez about this release: I have to confess I remember little about 2009 but what I do remember is being somehow buried in tons of crushing riffs and words, since I was writing the eight songs that we were about to record just a few months later for our third album. It was a conscious decision to make this time around a huge and monolithic record, a real departure from the speed and almost progressive nature of our previous album, the last to be released as Rhino two years prior, Dead Throne Monarch. A simpler approach it may be but it also was deadlier and more powerful for sure. And it was different! Since we had never worked with Xanpe before, we went there to record a demo of the forthcoming opening song of the album “Speaking In Tongues” in his Koba studio to test the waters and the result was amazing. Needless to say that a bond was made on the spot and since then, we’ve returned several times there. I’m glad (and surprised too) that thirteen years after it was recorded, people still talk about WOC in such a high regard. We made that album for ourselves, as the other four in our discography. We never had a plan nor any support from anyone but we crushed everything on our path anyways. Once we were done with this record, we immediately started working on the next one, as we always did. The iconic painting of the pregnant, undead bitch, the new guitar set up we used in the studio for the first time without trying it out first in the rehearsal room due to lack of time, the support from Doomentia, the last minute alteration of our moniker for stupid copyright reasons… Those are just some details we wanted to share with all those people who supported us along the way, people we wanted to thank with this definitive edition. PLAY IT LOUD!!!
      • ULTIMATE BOX SET: Colored 2LP + CD
      • Limited to 300 copies only
      • 8-page booklet with exclusive live photos
      • Metallic insert and lyrics sheet
      • Artwork by Rafa Garrés
      • Price:
      • 50 €
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      • LAHAR _ Stínání hlav
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    • After 11 long years, several records and line-up changes, finally Czech thrashers LAHAR is releasing full-lenght album called "Stínání hlav". The current band members are in top form at live shows and in the studio too. Get ready to sharp and brutal thrash metal on this record. We consider this album to the best in their discography!

      Album „Stínání hlav“ offers 10 new tracks and is released on vinyl as exclusive die-hard gatefold LP edition (limited to 150 copies), regular LP edition on black vinyl, cassette and digitally. All releases include booklets with lyrics and photos. Cover artwork was created by the band's former bassist Gizbern. This release follows the great band's records that have been released on Doomentia Records between 2011 - 2018.

      • Die-hard gatefold LP edition (150 copies) SOLD OUT
      • Regular black vinyl LP (350 copies)
      • Tape, 8-panel J-CARD (100 copies)
      • Digital
      • Variant:
      • Price:
      • 17 € 8 € from 8 €
      • PREDICTION _ The Unholy Flame
    • Remember when you first heard DESASTER? When you engaged in one uncontrolled headbangin’ mania while listening to AURA NOIR? Overall, when was the last time you were swept off your feet by one truly great, intense, neck breaking black/thrash album? No, we aren’t talking about one of those cheap early KREATOR clones who believe that recycling for the umpteenth time ‘Pleasure To Kill’ riff over and over again and carry as much spikes as possible would do the trick. No, we’re talking about proper black fucking thrash. We’re talking about PREDICTION.
      After two self-released albums, the Upper Austria duo of David Leppen (guitar and vocals) and Fabian Ditzlmüller (drums) are back with their third nuclear strike, and first for DOOMENTIA, The Unholy Flame. Tracked down at Deep Deep Pressure studios last September and released on LP (300 copies) and tape formats only, this new ten tracks (plus one hellish intro) effort not only does tap in the very roots of the genre from a fresh perspective as it was 1987 all over again but it also has the kind of urgency and drive that will make no prisoners! A never stopping roller coaster of pure 80’s METAL. And if this wasn’t enough, added as three stars bonus to this riffs orgy is the song “Old School Cult”, a nerve wrecking tribute to the speed metal sound of yore featuring their fellow countrymen and close allies of CHAINBREÄKER on both lead vocals and guitar solo. Hellbent for leather!!!!
      • 300 copies on 12" black vinyl
      • 100 copies on cassette
      • Artwork by Jenglot Hitam
      • Variant:
      • Price:
      • 8 € 19 € from 8 €
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      • Ronald Zieger _ UNFATHOM
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    • Doomentia Press, UNFATHOM is the joint venture of ten diverse artists, resulting in a strangely coherent book. From the figurative to the abstract to the monochromatic to the brightly surreal: their work merges into bizarre and unreal worlds. Unfathom is a 208-page hardcover art book written and edited by Ronald Zieger. Printed on Profi Matt 130 g/sqm paper. Published by Doomentia Press.

      Featuring art from: Lupe Vasconcelos, Welt, Tim Grieco, Paolo Girardi, Halsey Swain, Jonathan Hultén, Maarten Donders, Dave Patchett, Timo Ketola, Anthony Roberts.

      • 10 diverse artists
      • 208 pages
      • Printed on Profi Matt 130 g/sqm paper
      • Released in 2015
      • Price:
      • 42 €
      • SOLOTHUS _ Summoned from the Void
    • SOLOTHUS’ stratospheric career was initially kickstarted by 2013’s Summoned By The Void, originally released only on CD and now available for the first time ever nine years on LP version, with a stark and bleak reinterpretation of the original artwork by esteemed Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano.
      What’s most striking about this cruder yet no less powerful recording by the band’s original line-up is how well-versed in the art of epic structures and crushing mid-tempos they already were. As suggested by the dreamy organ/acoustic guitar introduction known as “Frostbane Overture”, far from the expected occult-obsessed or tales of misery, those Finns instantly take you here far away in a mystic and dark world full of wizards, cosmic forces and dark tales. It’s no coincidence that this five tracks and 43 minutes long first impressive recording pinnacle turns out to its final and crushing track “Upon Shattered Lands”, where frontman Kari Kankaanpää screams at the sky that he’s aptly been “Destroyed by Death/Possessed by Doom”…
      • Full-lenght 12" album
      • 300 copies on black vinyl
      • Artwork by Juanjo Castellano Rosado
      • Price:
      • 19 €
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      • STALLION / AMBUSH _ Heavy Metal Thunder Sessions #1
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    • As we were about to announce the launch of this very special series of soon-to-be-highly-collectable split EP, we were thinking about boosting how the heavy metal genre has been going through some kind of fascinating and enthralling revival over the last years… Until we realized our mistake: heavy metal never went away. Ever. Yes, it might at some point going back underground where it started in the first place but call it ‘true metal’, ‘epic metal’, ‘new wave of traditional heavy metal’ or whatnot, the fact is that ever since the bell rang on a rain-soaked bleak landscapes at the very beginning of Black Sabbath very first album in 1970, heavy metal just kept on growing and growing.
      So this series is less about resurgence than it is about resistance and a burning passion that simply refuses to let go. It’s also about supporting the bands who strive for heavy metal excellence and the whole scene they’ve built with their bare hands, quite often in pure DIY fashion. Each band will provide exclusive content, such as demo tracks, alternate mixes or covers and each entry will feature the same generic layout, giving this whole collectible series a sense of unity.
      The first entry will feature Germany’s STALLION and Sweden’s AMBUSH, with a hole slab of renowned bands from all around the world having already agreed to take part in this celebration of everything we love about heavy metal. So up the irons!!!!!
      Tracklist: Stallion - "Canadian Steele" + "Give it to me" (demo 2013), Ambush - "Lust for Blood" (alternate mix).
      • First release of the collectable series Heavy Metal Thunder Sessions
      • Exclusive tracks, black vinyl
      • Limited to 500 units worldwide
      • Price:
      • 10 €